10.26.18 — 10.22.18



galerie Kenilworth is pleased to announce its 6th show, WITHIN AND AGAINST, showcasing paintings from two emerging Milwaukee artists, Emily Tripp and Brennen Steines. In this show viewers are given an intimate look at the early stages of what will be promising futures for the painters. Tripp and Steines both work in abstract expression, transforming their canvases into planes of interoception.. The two share a studio space in Bayview – the close proximity permits counsel through the development of unique processes of construction and application.

Tripp’s captivating bright colors and balanced spatial relationships pull the viewer closer to notice the finer details of texture and hue. The space Tripp presents is undeniably beautiful but the movement she incorporates in each of her pieces creates a sort of organized chaos. The erupting topography of shapes, colors and their interactions allow the viewer to dance through the entropy. Stopping at the edge you are reminded that this is only one view of this sublime and its metaphysical beauty continues beyond the realm of the painting. The edge frames this disorder to facilitate consideration of the beauty and awe at a safe distance.

Steines work engages with abstraction but in a more analytical sense. His paintings function as an examination of material, process, and time as the surface becomes a visceral record of its own creation. Pattern and texture are produced through a series of additive and subtractive methods; creating variations in the surface which he then responds to. The shapes and textures presented are specific yet non-descript, as each dramatic edge of the many layers intentionally complicate a direct interaction with the underlying image. Steines often sands portions of the paintings; revealing a stratum of color that compliments the sense of archaeological inquiry his work evokes. The embedded histories, contained within the paintings many earthen layers, expose themselves to the patient viewer.

The connection between Tripp and Steines is their negotiation of the Self through artistic production. The work they are creating is as much about self-expression as it is contemplating what it means to be in the world.